One day, I was on a mission to find a zip tool that I liked.

My mission was to find:

A zip tool that I could dump a bunch of zip files into and watch their progress as they unzip as I do something else (I’m a multitasker.)
It couldn’t pop up extra windows (I hate those.)
It had to create a folder with the name of the zip so I don’t mix the zips together. (downfall of ACDSee’s unzipper)
A bonus would be to do something with the zips when they are done.
The reason was sometimes I get behind on my digital kits that I downloaded and want to do a whole batch at a time.

I have been using the free version Zip reader from pkware. But I hate the pop-ups.
I tried the latest version of Winzip, but it didn’t do much of the above. That was really a pain to uninstall too.
and 7-Zip
and I think another one too.
and none really handled the batch processing well.
Until I found ExtractNow. This is a little program that is cool and met all my above standards. First, I had to play with the settings of the tool:

On the General tab, I didn’t change much. I don’t have it start on startup and you can turn off the sounds if you want.

The first two, extract the file into the current folder and create a folder with the name of the zip file. I also said overwrite existing files (just in case I unzip the same file again.)
On the Post Extraction tab, I selected that after the software is done unzipping my unzip file, move it into this unzipped done folder. That’s where my zip files are stored until I know that backups have been done on the digital kit that I unzipped.
And on Explorer tab, I checked the following for various reason that aren’t really that important to explain.
In the following video, I am going to drag the files from windows explorer into the ExtractNow and then click Extract. Once done, the zipped files will be automatically moved to my UnzippedDone folder.
I could of checked “clear” in the post extraction tool, but I decided for right now, I will clear the files from my list manually.
I can right click on a zip file or select multiple files and “enqueue” (put in the extractnow list) to be unzipped later. (Like when I leave for lunch then I click on the Extract)
It’s freeware and read before you download. Their FAQ states there is no spyware in it and my virus checker & spyware haven’t complained about it. So I think its okay but you are on your own.

This little tool works very well for me in my digital scrapbooking process and does step 2 & 3 for me with many zip files. My steps are:

Download the digital kit into my Downloads folder
Extract the digital kit into a new folder in my Downloads folder
Move the zip into my UnzippedDone folder
Then organize my digital kits with ACDSee and move them to their final destination in my folders


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