Ever wonder what you were thinking when you miss the obvious? Do you have folders that you frequently browse inside ACDSee Photo Manager? Why not just make that a favorite folder and use the Favorites pane?

First, let me mention that you can easily setup the default path of where ACDSee’s folder pane opens to.

Setting up Default Start Folder:

Go to Tools | Options
Click on Browser
Select Specific Folder
Click on browse to the right of the box and choose the default path that you want ACDSee to start in.
Click OK
I don’t use always have this option set because my digital images are not on my laptop. I store everything on a EHD. When I set this option to my EHD, it does work while my EHD is connected. If my EHD is not connected, when I start ACDSee Photo Manager it changes the default back to My Pictures. So I rarely go back and switch it back.

So another option is to use Favorites. And this can be in addition to changing the default start folder.

To make a Favorite Folder:

For any folder you visit often, right click on the folder and choose Add to Favorites.
To use Favorites:

To view the Favorites pane, go to View | Favorites and it will show up where your Folders pane usually is.
Just click on a folder in your Favorites pane and you will go to that folder.
There are tabs at the bottom of that pane to switch between Favorites/Folders which I use frequently.

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