When my sister & I created this site last January, our goal was to offer resources & give back to the community. We hold a strong belief in that. Around March I started blogging about marketing tips, helpful software, blogging tips, etc. That focus has grown to the point where we now offer two options for newsletters. And we have found our focus to be broader than planned but I love exploring & sharing these venues with our readersHere’s some background info on some of those listed:

Brian Solis is Principal of FutureWorks, an award-winning PR agency in Silicon Valley.
Charlene Li works with Forrester Research, and Jeremiah Owyang has accepted a position there.
Robert Scoble is a prolific blogger on tech related items. He reads over 700 blogs a day!
I’m truly honored to be listed as a Voice amongst those great ones! Teresa posted about my Facebook Series today. A huge thank you to the folks behind Web Community Forum! I hope that all of you realize what a voice your blogs are in celebrating your passion for recording memories of your family’s lives & your work if you’re a designer.

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