A shoutout goes to Christine Smith, another Minnesota gal & owner of Scrapquick Designs. Way to go girl! She is realizing the power of building community & I see her moving around doing a great job. Those efforts will gain her far more exposure than traditional advertising. You have to read her blog post from Aug 25th. She was promoting the DigitalScrap Wiki. She is encouraging people to join her in building up the wiki as a community resource. She said:

The reason I am jumping on this bandwagon is that I am moving my design and promotion efforts AWAY from large sites and toward open resources that are mostly free from the constraints of the desires of site owners and advertisers. Even a site like DigiShopTalk has posting limits, size limits, forum moderators and a responsibility to its advertisers. That’s all good for certain reasons but just doesn’t serve the needs of everyone. So I like the DigitalScrapWiki because it is formed through contributions from people who are involved in and interested in digital scrapbooking on all levels from scrappers to hobbyist designers to FT designers and site owners.

So what are open resources? Well, social networks fit the bill. If you’re interested in what Christine is suggesting, it can reduce the amount spent on traditional advertising. (Granted you probably want to find a mix of the two that works for you. Please ask if you have questions on that). And I believe that if you take the time to do some reading here, I’ve provided ideas on ways you can promote your designs in very cost effective ways by building community. Here are some helps from our blog:

info on wikis
using social networking for promotion
And this all ties into Web Strategy. I see Christine & many others using the tips that I’ve offered here. You ladies are truly great entrepreneurs! And I enjoy making online tools known & teaching how they can be applicable to digiscrappers & designers. On Friday, Jeremiah O. gave me a huge compliment by referring to me as a Web Strategist. He has devoted so much energy to promoting the importance of communities & utilizing web tools creatively. His focus is on corporations, but I believe it’s applicable to a business of any size. (He quoted my ideas about how Walmart should change their online promotional strategy. What are your thoughts about how the public perceives Walmart? Could it be shifted do you think if a woman were helping them promote?)

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