The great thing about the web is that you meet wonderful people & they are willing to share their knowledge! I love learning from others. Katie & I bumped into each other long ago because we’re both librarians. When I saw her excitement about having found this software, I asked if she would write a blog post for our Mac friends. So, thank you Katie for sharing!

This was written by Katie, aka stampnbug

I am a Mac user through and through, but have been so envious of PC users because of their ability to use ACDSee to organize their digital scrapping supplies. I tried organizing in iPhoto, using Adobe Bridge, keywording and then using Spotlight (a Mac feature)?none of these options really fitted my needs.

Recently, My Digital Muse wrote about Shoebox in their latest newsletter. I decided to give it a try. Shoebox is a browser, which allows you to tag (categorize/assign keywords) your supplies. I found it very intuitive and easy to use. I am a still in the process of tagging my supplies, so by no means am I an expert at using this program, but I wanted to share what I have learned so if there are other Mac digital scrappers who might want to try this software.

There are two important things to consider before you begin tagging:

you need to think for a moment how you would like to organize your supplies so that you can set up your categories. I found the organizing styles page at DigiScrapInfo to be very helpful
you do not want to move files around once you begin tagging (or paths will be broken) so make sure you files are arranged in a way that you like
You are now ready to begin tagging?quite the undertaking I am finding!