Evernote 2.0 has become my choice for organizers. I tried Google notebook but I wasn’t consistent with it (and you know how that goes – or doesn’t go I should say!).

I blogged about Evernote some time ago. And it was good then, but when I updated to version 2.0 – wow! And maybe what I love most about it is that the tagging is very similar to that of ACDSee Photo Manager. (ie – I understand it & use it!)

The features that make it great are:

  • It’s a powerful FREE program!
  • Copy & paste notes in
  • Deleted notes can be retrieved
  • Very intuitive – right click on most anything for options
  • Can easily change dates of notes
    • Making them more prominent
    • Or into the future
  • Click & drag URL’s in from the address bar & they remain clickable!
  • Click & drag images in & a clickable link to their origin is created
    • This is very handy for digishopping ideas

For cataloging your notes

  • Premade categories like To-Do are offered
  • Can make your own categories
  • Assign multiple categories to one entry
  • Add a cute icon for each category
  • Clicking on the category brings up only those notes

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