This will allow you to use your fonts inside your photo editor with even installing the font. All you have to do is view them in Photo Manager and then open your editor. Users that this has been successful for have been using: ACDSee Photo Editor, Adobe CS, and Corel PSP.

Here are the directions to use uninstalled fonts:

Open Photo Manager and view your folder containing uninstalled fonts. (Note: This is viewing uninstalled fonts in a folder, NOT installed fonts.)
Select all font ttf files & choose Database | Rebuild Thumbnails & Metadata. The creation of the thumbnails of the fonts appears to put the Fonts in your system’s memory & can be used by other software.
Open your photo editor. (This works for ACDSee Photo Editor, Adobe CS, and Corel PSP)
The editor now has available all the installed system fonts AND the uninstalled fonts that you viewed with Photo Manger. And you can USE the uninstalled fonts.
The one downfall that I have found in doing this: Let’s say you save the layout, reboot your computer (i.e. the next day), open the layout and do not open view your uninstalled fonts with Photo Manager, the fonts in your layout will all revert back to a default existing font. Get in a habit of always opening Photo Manager and do above steps before starting your editor. If you do open a layout and the font’s revert back to default existing fonts do this: Close the layout without saving and close your editor. Start Photo Manager and do above steps, then reopen layout and editor and your font will be there (assuming that font was one of them viewed.)

This tip came from one of users. I haven’t had a lot of time to play with it. If you have questions or it doesn’t work, please post in our forum: DigiScrapInfo forum

The advantage is that there are some fonts that are used infrequently or they’re very large & don’t show up nicely in the list of installed fonts. Also, you don’t have to have a long string of fonts installed to choose from. You can just preview them in ACDSee & choose the ones you want to use.