Upload to online services

Quickly upload your photos to online services like Flickr or Smugmug directly from within ACDSee. Select your photos, and then click Upload to.

Photo widget

Post a photo widget on your website or blog, powered by your free ACDSee Sendpix online album. Friends can scroll through your photos on your blog site or click a photo to view the whole album in Sendpix.

Create PowerPoint Presentations

Instantly create a Powerpoint presentation of your photos in ACDSee. Just select your photos, click Create | Create PPT and the wizard helps you add or remove images, name your presentation, choose where to store it, apply a design template and even add captions, titles, and notes to each slide.

Improved RAW viewing and browsing

Viewing RAW in ACDSee 10 is now incredibly fast. Browse and view huge RAW files as if they were JPEGs, with new background RAW processing. Performance and handling of RAW files is optimized for dual processors. The quality of demosaicing and white balance is also improved

Multi-word keyword support

ACDSee 10 now supports spaces in keywords, making it compatible with the IPTC standard and with other photo editing software. Enter keywords like “Los Angeles” and no metadata will be lost when you import or export images from other applications.

User-friendly, advanced image editing

Improved Shadows/Highlights

The sophisticated image processing behind the Shadows/Highlights tool is now even better! This patent-pending feature actively analyses each photo to automatically apply optimal settings for each individual photo. Fine-tune shadows and highlights independently using sliders, or a single click on the photo.

Creative editing with Selections

Apply corrections, adjustments, and creative effects to a selected area of your image with the new Selections tool, giving you complete technical and artistic control of every aspect of your image.

Opacity and Blending

Change the opacity of an effect applied to the whole image or a selection. Change the way edited images blend with the original image. Used with selections or special effects, these tools effectively give you 17 new options for every editing panel!Quickly flip through the blend modes by hovering over the control and scrolling with your mouse wheel.

Advanced red-eye correction

With the new Red-eye Reduction tool, get natural-looking results even if the red coloring has bled onto the surrounding skin or iris. Set the intensity of the color and then create a custom color to replace red areas.

New Special Effects

Create artistic images with the new special effects filters in ACDSee 10, including Sobel, Crayon Drawing, Glowing Edges, Outline, Radial Waves, Shear, Stained Glass, Threshold, Vignette, Waves, and Weave. Try the effects in combination with the new Selections tool.

Other Minor Improvements

View pspimage files

Do you work with Corel products? Well now you can see those pspimage files:


Better Filter by notification

Ever lose all your images only to realize the Filter By is turned on. There is now a much better message:

Larger thumbnails

Did you watch the video of the popup previews. I mentioned in there that thumbnails can now be bigger. I like that a lot looking through my digital kits.

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