We have prizes all over our forum. They can easily be found by looking for the announcement threads posted by Its_A_Party!

If you would like a chance to win a specific prize, go to that thread, and answer the question there. To be eligible to win, an answer to the question in the thread must be posted!

* The open house will run from January 25 – January 31. So come visit anytime and if the website is busy, remember to come back later, because you have the whole week!!!!
* One post per prize thread please.
* You can post on each prize thread that you’re interested in winning.
* Enter your name & email address so that we can directly contact you if you are a winner. Or if you choose not to, check back for private messages in case you are a winner (and in your profile make sure that “notify on new message” is ‘yes’ if you’d like an email).
* On the final day, January 31st, at 12:00 pm Central Standard Time (US) prizes will be awarded. For each prize thread, we will draw a number, and the n’th person will be selected as the winner.

In the open house questions, we have tried to ask questions that will help everyone provide info to each other, so remember to come back and browse the answers and ask more questions!

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