ACDSee Photo Manager is the ideal companion for serious scrapbookers. It organizes your large collection of kits and projects without ever slowing you down, empowering you to browse, view, fix, and share your work quickly and efficiently so you have more time for scrapbooking fun.

Easily resize your scrapbook pages and post them to online galleries or send your work by email. Browse, view, and select all your kit elements in PNG thumbnail format, and use ACDSee’s powerful archiving tools to create photodiscs on CD and DVD. If you need to get and idea of what your work will look like, you can also print contact sheets in ACDSee
it’s fast – both to catalog (tag) your supplies & photos & also to search

people find it fun to catalog & find things they had forgotten having

it finds duplicate files & photos giving you the option to delete them

very customizable – you can create your organization system that best suits your needs
can view white .png files & fonts (as well as catalog them)

quickly create contact sheets
assign favorites so you can access the things you use the most
create offline discs where you can see the thumbnails even though the disc isn’t in the computer (and the files can be deleted from the HD – saving space)
easy batch resizing & it automatically renames for fast uploading to galleries

can crop & remove red eye from a folder of photos by moving thru them in a slide show fashion

can use Photo Manager to synch two EHD’s – so one is a backup
can import previous cataloging from PSE organizer in to save time
and it saves me money – because I can check to see if I own something before buying it again
create pdf’s
New features in ACDSee 10:Watch videosabout these features

15. View & use your ABR brushes

16. Unzip files using Extract to Folder without leaving ACDSee

17. Pop-up Previews – Hovering mouse over a thumbnail shows an enlarged image

18. View photos on a photo calendar by date taken