Facebook is in

Each post in this series will give you an overview of using these sites followed by marketing ideas. Facebook used to be limited to college students, but since they’ve opened it up to everyone, it’s being flooded. Professionals are using it to network in addition to people just connecting informally. Exchanging messages there is easier … [Read more…]

Shoebox for organizing on a Mac

The great thing about the web is that you meet wonderful people & they are willing to share their knowledge! I love learning from others. Katie & I bumped into each other long ago because we’re both librarians. When I saw her excitement about having found this software, I asked if she would write a … [Read more…]

Sale on ACDSee Photo Manager 9

If you’ve thought about trying ACDSee to get organized, now is the time! The kids will be going back to school soon & you’ll have time to spend with your digi-stash.7 People have left comments on this postI will definitely let my students know about this great price for ACDSee! I just wondered if that … [Read more…]

Windows Live Writer makes blogging easier

Table of contents for Windows Live Writer Windows Live Writer makes blogging easier Screenshots of Windows Live Writer Details about Windows Live Writer Windows Liver Writer Updated for Blogger Where do you write your blog posts? One day WordPress “ate” one of mine & since then I started composing in Word because it seemed more … [Read more…]

Getting Started with ACDSee Photo Manager

This tutorial contains an organizational method to start you out with. It takes you step by step through the process. If you try categorize your entire digital kit collection at once, its a very daunting task. I have suggested a way to start slowly and organize as you have time

Online Photo Print Services

All prices reflect normal prices. Each site may have a sale going on and the information below doesn’t reflect it. All shipping charges listed are for normal shipping in the US. The following online photo printing services offer special digital scrapbooking sizes: Click on each one to see size, price, user review and comments. AdoramaPix … [Read more…]

ACDSee Photo Editor Tutorials

Your First Layout in ACDSee Photo Editor Basic Steps to do Common Scrapbooking functions in Photo Editor Using Templates in ACDSee Photo Editor (Use only for Photo Editor 4. If you are using 2008 Beta, see here: Doing Templates in ACDSee PE Beta 2008) Color Isolation in ACDSee Photo Editor Photo Extraction in ACDSee Photo … [Read more…]