Using Favorites for frequently accessed folders

Ever wonder what you were thinking when you miss the obvious? Do you have folders that you frequently browse inside ACDSee Photo Manager? Why not just make that a favorite folder and use the Favorites pane? First, let me mention that you can easily setup the default path of where ACDSee’s folder pane opens to. … [Read more…]

Party time at Facebook!

Less than a month ago I started a series about Facebook. And in browsing around there tonite, I see that the digiscrappers have quite a party going on over there! Do you ever get a funny feeling when someone asks you a question? Well, yesterday Heidi asked me where all her new friends were coming … [Read more…]

Building Community

When my sister & I created this site last January, our goal was to offer resources & give back to the community. We hold a strong belief in that. Around March I started blogging about marketing tips, helpful software, blogging tips, etc. That focus has grown to the point where we now offer two options … [Read more…]

Web Strategy … wikis social networking etc

A shoutout goes to Christine Smith, another Minnesota gal & owner of Scrapquick Designs. Way to go girl! She is realizing the power of building community & I see her moving around doing a great job. Those efforts will gain her far more exposure than traditional advertising. You have to read her blog post from … [Read more…]

WHY use Facebook?

Why use Facebook? Facebook is a site where you can do a number of things that is different from the experience that you have on a traditional forum. It’s more of a 2 way interaction than on a blog (which is mostly the author speaking). There are a lot of things to ‘do’ which sounds … [Read more…]

We interrupt this blog for… life

In the past month or so we’ve been blogging every day & it’s a wonderful thing! Heidi & I enjoy sharing information with you & helping with all of your ACDSee questions. We thrive on it really. But today we’re taking a break because today is my daughter’s 18th birthday! My scrapbooks chronicling her life … [Read more…]

ACDSee partners with 12 Outstanding Designers!

ACDSee has made it easier to get started digiscrapping with ACDSee Photo Manager & ACDSee Photo Editor. There are two ways to get the 12 exclusive kits on CD by fabulous designers: download the trial of ACDSee Photo Editor & purchase it for $49.99 purchase the bundle of ACDSee Photo Manager and Photo Editor for … [Read more…]

Evernote 2.0 a Great Organizational Tool

Evernote 2.0 has become my choice for organizers. I tried Google notebook but I wasn’t consistent with it (and you know how that goes – or doesn’t go I should say!). I blogged about Evernote some time ago. And it was good then, but when I updated to version 2.0 – wow! And maybe what … [Read more…]

ACDSee can change the sample text of your font

ACDSee can change the sample text of your font. Want to know how? Go to Tools | Plug-in Settings… Select ID_Font.apl & click Properties Type in your text into the Sample Text Box You can also change the background of your font, the color of font, the size of your font and spacing of your … [Read more…]